Terms and conditions

Contractor – REKLAWIZ Large Format Printing House

Principal – entrepreneurs in the mean-ing of 431 of the Civil Code, i.e. natural persons conducting business activity, legal persons and organizational units without legal personality.

§ 1. General provisions

1. Information contained in these terms and conditions outline the rules for the acceptance and implementation of or-ders, receipt of goods or its shipping, payments, complaints and copyright, applicable to all Principals

2. If the Contractor concludes a separate agreement with the Principal, the provi-sions of these terms and conditions are applicable to the extent not covered by the contract.

§ 2. Order receipt

1. Orders are accepted by the Contractor in electronic form sent to the email ad-dress: biuro@reklawiz.pl. Sent
by a person authorized to represent the Principal and should contain all infor-mation necessary for order realisation:

  1. exact designation of the follow-ing order parameters: name of the file to be printed, the material to be used for printout or which will be delivered by the Principal, format, finish, number of prints,
  2. – colour proof or color-sample,
  3. – the method for packing printouts,
  4. – the deadline for the order reali-sation and shipment or personal pickup suggested by the Princi-pal,
  5. – if the Principal chooses the shipping option for the complet-ed prints, shipping details and the specification of freight for-warder, courier company, carrier or postal operator, subject to the restriction of choice to compa-nies performing their services in the area covering the offices of the Contractor and the Principal.

2. Preparation and transfer of files for printing
CMYK PC TIFF files (32 bit) without layers, masks and patches, saved with-out compression. Size 1: 1 or 1:10 after increasing the dpi 10-fold. For vector graphics, EPS (Postscript Level 1 / CMYK / without miniature / text as curves) will be best. For full black, black should be replaced by the colour with components: C40% M40% Y40% B100%. Maximum file size: 600 mb.
Files can be sent:
up to 10 MB can be sent by e-mail: biu-ro@reklawiz.pl
over 10 MB, please send e.g. via WeTransfer or Dropbox

3. In the absence of all necessary infor-mation or incorrect files for printing, the Contractor shall proceed to realisation of the order only after the provision of the missing information by the Princi-pal; the deadline for completing the order will be then determined by the Contractor.

4. The Contractor may refuse to process the order if the Principal fails to specify all information indicated in § 2 point 1 of these Terms and Conditions.

5. Before realising the order, the Contrac-tor has the right to request prepayment or appropriate protection.

§ 3. Order realisation

1. The Contractor confirms to the Princi-pal the acceptance of the order in elec-tronic form. For verification we will send a reply regarding the order realisation, quotation or invoice for the placed or-der and acceptance of the terms of the order.

2. The Contractor carries out the order based on the files provided by the Prin-cipal.

3. The Contractor is not liable for typing errors, poor quality of prepared files or bad reproduction or colour deviations of the printed material in the event that the Principal does not provide a colour proof or does not accept the print sam-ple in person.

4. Approval of colours takes place after prior appointment with the Contractor’s representative. The cost of the colour sample production is added to the in-voice.

5. If, after the Principal’s approval of the sample printout, the Principal introduc-es changes, the production and ap-proval of another sample print is nec-essary.

6. The Contractor reserves the right to re-fuse an order if it the Principal delivers files or materials with content that is against the law, in particular offensive content.

7. The Customer is fully liable for legal and physical defects of the files provid-ed for printing as well preparing files not in accordance with the Specifica-tion of print materials.

8. In the case of printouts using materials provided or selected by the Principal, despite the Contractor’s reserves about lack of suitability of the material for the realisation of the given order, the Con-tractor is not responsible for the degree of their usefulness as well as for any defects or damages that may appear during production.

9. When carrying out the order using ma-terials supplied by the Principal, it is necessary to include adequate material stock. The amount of stock will depend on the type of order and the material to be used and determined each time by the Contractor after the order has been placed by the Principal.

10. In the event that the Principal provides the files or materials necessary to exe-cute the order at a later date
than the date of submission of the or-der, the Principal is obliged to inform the Contractor of this fact. At the same time, failure to deliver files or materials within the deadline set by the Contrac-tor results in postponing the deadline of the order execution and the need fix a new deadline by a Contractor’s em-ployee.

11. When submitting another order to print the same work, it is required to provide the colour pattern again,
approved by the signature of the Prin-cipal or the signature of a person au-thorized by the Principal. If not deliv-ered
before printing, the provisions of the above-mentioned Terms and Condi-tions shall apply accordingly.

§ 5. Order realisation deadline

1. The deadline for the execution of the order is established with ab employee of the Contractor and is counted from the day of the receipt of the order, to-gether with all necessary materials, in-formation, etc. that had been approved by the Contractor.

2. The deadline for completion specified by the Contractor does not include the time of delivery by the selected freight forwarder, courier, carrier or postal op-erator, selected in accordance with
the provisions of these regulations.

3. The Contractor is not responsible for delays in the execution of orders that arise as a result force majeure. In case of occurrence of such obstacles, the Contractor is obliged to immediately inform the Principal about this.

The Principal has the right to withdraw from the contract in the event of a delay in the execution of the order arising from force majeure. In the event of withdrawal by the Principal from the realisation of the order, as described above, the Principal is not entitled to claim compensation.

§ 6. Receipt and dispatch of goods

1. The location of the order execution is the seat of the Contractor. The finished order can be picked up in person at 9am-5pm (or other time set individual-ly): JABŁONNA ul. Modlińska 16 (entry from ul. Szkolna)

2. Orders are collected on the basis of the order number sent by email together with the order confirmation.

3. If collection in person is not possible, the Contractor may deliver the order or send it by courier (we use DPD ser-vices). The cost of delivery is calculated after receiving all the information re-garding the location of delivery and added to the final invoice.

4. The Contractor reserves that for the printout shipment, the regulations of courier services, freight forwarder, car-rier or postal operator apply.

5. If the Principal does not specify the method of packing of the completed order, the Principal shall, as a standard, prepare the materials for shipment by folding them in cubes. Exceptions are foil prints, for which the packaging standard is to roll them up or wound on a core.

6. If the Principal orders a non-standard packaging method, it is necessary to send its detailed description to the e-mail address: biuro@reklawiz.pl. The Contractor’s employee, in electronic form, approves the packaging method presented by the Principal or notifies of the lack of possibility to produce it.

7. Goods can be insured for the duration of transport at the expense of the Prin-cipal, following placing a separate or-der by the Principal.

8. In the event of delivery of goods to the Principal, the Contractor is not liable for failure to meet the deadline for delivery as well as any defect or damage to goods during transport, if it is a conse-quence of circumstances attributable to the carrier.

9. The Contractor reserves that for the printout shipment, the regulations of courier services, freight forwarder, car-rier or postal operator appointed by the Principal apply.

§ 7. Payments and prices

1. Prices of the order realisation for the benefit of the Principal are determined individually on the basis of the submit-ted order.

2. If the invoice is not settled on time, the Contractor shall calculate statutory in-terest.

3. If the Principal is in arrears with the payment for a previous order or with the payment of an agreed advance fee, the Contractor reserves the right to sus-pend or interrupt the order realisation or refuse to release the goods. In these cases, subsequent orders will be car-ried out on the basis of a prepayment or cash payment upon pick-up of the completed order in person.

§ 8. Complaints

1. Immediately after receiving the goods, the Principal is obliged to check if the quantity and quality as well as the exe-cution are as ordered. All complaints must be submitted to the Contractor within 2 consecutive working days. In the event of realisation of large orders, this period may be extended by the Contractor on request of the Principal, submitted in the form provided for plac-ing the order. Complaints will not be considered after the expiry of the period described above.

2. The Principal is obliged to deliver the goods that are subject to complaint to the Contractor, and provision of the photos together with a written com-plaint notification, in order to prepare a visual inspection report.

3. Complaints shall be considered within 5 business days from the moment of the reception of full notification. After consideration of the complaint, the Printing House will inform the Custom-er in writing about the solution.

4. If the complaint is accepted, the Con-tractor may reduce the price or provide goods free from defects.

5. In the event of receipt of a damaged parcel, the Principal is obliged to pro-duce damage report signed by the car-rier when collecting the parcel. Lack of protocol deprives the Principal of the possibility to submit a complaint as well as of a successful compensation claim.

6. Lack of any part of the delivered goods does not entitle to submit a complaint regarding the whole shipment.

7. Slight deviations from the colour pat-tern approved by the Principal shall not be subject to complaint.

8. All colour complaints will be considered on the basis of colour patterns ap-proved in writing by the Principal or a person authorized by him and accepted by the Contractor for printing.

9. In the event of a complaint, the Con-tractor shall be liable up to the amount of the contract concluded directly
with the Principal. No compensation is planned for so-called value of lost ben-efits or additional costs related to the realisation or use of the order being carried out by the Contractor.

10. In the case of realisation of orders on materials entrusted or indicated by the Principal, the Contractor shall not be responsible for the degree of their fit-ness for printing.

§ 9. Final provisions

1. The Principal declares that he has read these terms and conditions, and that he accepts them and obliges himself to comply with them.