Terms of realisation


1. Please complete the order form and send it to e-mail at biuro@reklawiz.pl.

Download the order form

In the absence of a written order – the order has no grounds for a complaint. Any telephone changes ought to be communicated in writing as well. Please attach files for printing – pre-pared according to the guidelines. CMYK PC TIFF files (32 bit) without layers, masks and patches, saved with-out compression. Size 1: 1 or 1:10 after increasing the dpi 10-fold. For vector graphics, EPS (Postscript Level 1 / CMYK / without thumbnail / text as curves) will be best. For full black, black should be replaced with the colour: C40% M40% Y40% B100%. Maximum file size: 600 mb

ATTENTION: we hold no responsibility for typographical errors, poor quality of prepared files or poor mapping of the printed colour if the Client does not send a colour proof or does not accept the print sample personally.
Colour approval takes place after prior arrangement at the machine.
The uploaded file is equivalent to the Client’s approval. We can prepare a sample print – an additional cost is add-ed to the invoice.
If the order requires special accuracy, please provide a template.

2. After receiving the order and its verifi-cation, we will send a response regard-ing the realisation of the order, a quote or invoice for the order and acceptance of the terms of the order.

3. Sending a transfer confirmation will speed up the realisation.
The Contractor may not accept the order for realisation in the event of arrears in payments on the side of Principal, or cease its implementation due to the Principal’s failure to pay the agreed upon advance payment. The Contractor has the right to charge the Principal with interest for overdue payments.

4. 4. Our printing house informs the client on a regular basis about the progress of the contract. After sending the ship-ment we send waybill number, unless the pickup instructions have been set individually.
The cost of courier delivery is added to the final invoice
The deadline for completing the order is always determined together with a REKLAWIZ employee. The period of realisation is counted from the day of the receipt of the order, together with all necessary materials, information, etc. that had been approved by a REKLAWIZ employee.

5. Ready orders can be picked up in per-son between 9am and 5pm (or another time set individually):
JABŁONNA ul. Modlińska 16 (entry from ul. Szkolna)

Order pick-up takes place on the basis of the order number sent by e-mail along the order confirmation.
If collection in person is not possible – we can deliver the order or send it with a courier (we use DPD services). The cost of courier / our delivery is priced after receiving all information regarding delivery location and is added to the final invoice.


  • scale 1: 1, 1:10 or 1: 2 (when scaling 1: 2, clearly state this in the order)
  • maximum resolution of 100 DPI (for 1: 2 scale, max resolution: 200 DPI)
  • CMYK colour palette
  • do not use bleeds!!!
  • Accepted file formats: PDF, JPG, TIFF
  • for graphic designs, do not add margins for the fold (this is done by the imposi-tioning program)

How can you send us files to print?

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